Energy Management / Consulting


In recent years, the natural gas industry has experienced an evolution in the price as well as the source of natural gas.   This high volatility increases the amount of time and risk of managing your energy costs. Let Stand Energy save you time by taking the responsibility and risk of managing your energy use on a day-to-day basis.

Stand Energy’s experienced personnel have been in the natural gas industry for decades.  Using this experience, the company provides consulting expertise to its customers by recommending various purchasing strategies to reduce pricing risks and offer security of firm natural gas supplies.  In addition to providing gas-purchasing strategies, Stand Energy will manage supplier and pipeline nominations, including daily or monthly balancing, to minimize customer's natural gas costs.  The company can provide customers with real time market information, including pricing and trading information at multiple delivery points to take advantage of basis opportunities.

If you are interested in reducing the pricing risk of your natural gas purchases or finding alternative energy sources, then look to Stand Energy Corporation.  Stand Energy can satisfy these needs and provide you with added value to help manage your energy program.

Stand Energy’s Added Value and No Cost Energy Consulting

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Plant Expansion
Evaluating Backup

Gas Supply Pipelines


Are You Getting the Best Deal Possible on Your Purchased Energy?

Stand Energy has a group of energy professionals with experience in natural gas, electricity and propane. We can help you negotiate with your energy suppliers, including your local utility, to help lower your energy costs.


 If My Local Utility Won’t Negotiate, What Else Can I Do?

Utility Tariff Negotiation

Our experienced regulatory staff has drafted and negotiated several Utility Tariffs to allow customers to take advantage of the deregulated energy market.

Propane Back Up Systems
Stand Energy has designed and installed numerous of industrial and commercial propane back-up heating systems. Once installed, a customer can change to a less expensive interruptible natural gas supply rate and rely on the propane system during cold weather restrictions/interruptions.

By-Pass Pipelines
Stand Energy has also designed and installed by-pass pipelines for large end-users in close proximity to interstate natural gas pipelines. These customers were able to install a direct connection with the interstate pipeline and completely by-pass the local utility and local utility charges.