Natural Gas Provider Electricity Provider Commercial and Industrial Healthcare Facilities Energy Management Gas Supply Pipelines

Natural Gas Provider

Stand Energy has been a leader in the natural gas industry since its deregulation in 1984.


Electricity Provider

Stand Energy can help you navigate the complex electricity markets so you get the best value.


Commercial and Industrial

Large and small customers alike rely on Stand Energy’s expertise in all areas of energy procurement.


Healthcare Facilities

Stand Energy is the proud contracted provider of natural gas for multiple healthcare facilities and hospital associations.


Energy Management

Are You Getting the Best Deal Possible on Your Purchased Energy? Let Stand Energy Corporation help you manage your commodity purchasing.


Gas Supply Pipelines

Stand Energy has constructed Natural Gas pipelines to supply customers not available through the local utility.


Stand Energy Corporation

Stand Energy Corporation is the largest diverse Energy Supplier in America today.  Founded in 1984 in response to the deregulation of natural gas, the firm has provided companies a cost-effective alternative to purchasing energy from local utilities. Reliability, experience and financial strength have allowed Stand Energy to both manage and supply natural gas to thousands of manufacturers, hospitals, hotels, universities, government facilities and smaller businesses.  Many of Stand Energy's customers have been with the company for 30 years, and this is a testament to our reliability and excellent customer service. 

Stand Energy Corporation’s expertise extends beyond our status as a leading natural gas supplier.  Awarded a FERC power marketing license in 1995 during the early stages of electricity deregulation, Stand Energy’s Electric Brokerage Division represents many of the leading electricity suppliers in the industry today.  With an extensive background in energy risk management, the Electric Division assists our clients in obtaining the most competitive energy procurement in the region.

At Stand Energy we believe purchasing energy should not be complicated. From the first call to the first natural gas flow or kilowatt delivered, our team of professionals makes every step of navigating a complex energy market easier for your business.

Energy Consulting

Stand Energy Corporation has a staff of experienced energy professionals who can help you with all of your energy issues.

Energy Pricing

Are you looking for a more competitive price for your energy? We can give you a quote!

Sales Opportunities/Affiliate Program

Are you an entrepreneur who enjoys commission based sales? We are looking for great sales representatives.  No prior energy sales experience necessary.